We know how to solve a problem before our customer has it.

With the support of Microsys informatica you have available a team of experienced System Engineer to save time and money


Solve quickly and effectively the obstacles that slow or stop all or part of the IT infrastructure

Types of support Microsys informatica:

  • Proactive Support: predict and anticipate future needs and problems
  • Enhanced Support: analyzing the problems with an innovative push
  • Reactive Support: react quickly and ensuring service availability

The pluses provided by Microsys informatica: training, so that the customer can go it alone.

Why choose Microsys computer support ?

It is fast and competent
It knows the characteristics of the corporate infrastructure
It knows the characteristics of the products
It acts as a single point of contact for any technology
It often has the solution  already

It is formed by a team of experienced System Engineers able to quickly address the issues, working closely with vendors and partners .
The Support of Microsys informatica not only solve a problem. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the vast knowledge base, and continuous upgrading and training, our technical consultants know how to understand just what is the catch. Working in close synergy with the corporate IT department improve the stability, availability and effectiveness of an IT environment so that it can quickly respond to business needs and support development.
Views  skills and knowledge, our team knows how to relate in collaboration with professionals of other partners and vendors who help the company so that they can act quickly and anticipate the critical infrastructure by reducing downtime .

And if there are doubts, there is a desire for some advice, there is a desire for confrontation or something goes wrong … Microsys informatica is alongside the company.