Some examples

All activities carried out with our customers are success stories.

We solved, in fact, many different needs.

Here is a part:

  • web application performance;
  • web application compatibility with different browsers;
  • coexistence of different application on the same device;
  • Windows compatible application on non-Microsoft platforms;
  • migration of complex environments from PC to thin client;
  • centralization of hundreds of applications and server consolidation;
  • cost savings of  complex virtualization projects;
  • problems in printing environments;
  • ability to work from remote users where it was considered unthinkable;
  • creation of development environments only dedicated to external developers through the use of virtual machines;
  • accelerating deployment and update applications;
  • implementation of solutions for a rapid roll-back with increased reliability of application environments;
  • integration of applications in a centralized environment;
  • collaboration with third-party vendors to solve problems;
  • general infrastructure optimization;
  • active directory environments optimization;
  • network performance improved, especially V-lan.

The problems solved are many … you have read the list and you have not found yours?
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We could not include all here, the list would become very long and we should update it frequently. Do not think you have a problem too specific or too complex, probably we have already solved it and we are ready to give you a hand.