Project management

We make sure that all your gears IT infrastructure rotate in unison

For a successful project, carried out on schedule and with the budget established


Prepare and coordinate a project within cost, schedule, scope and quality .

Why choose Project Management Microsys computer:

    • Design approach certified according to Project Management Institute
    • Grounded experience in implementing complex projects
    • Corporate resources optimization
    • Management coordination of all personnel involved, inside and outside the company.

Someone is involved with complex infrastrucuture projects but with few users.
Someone is involved in projects with many users, but with simple infrastructure.
We are able to deal with a complex infrastructure projects and involving thousands of users.
How many IT consulting firms can “say” to be able to manage a project with hundreds of servers , thousands of applications and tens of thousands users ? We are doing it.

How are we able to do all this?
Let’s start with the analysis of the situation of the company itself: the company’s goals become our goals. And we achieve them in the best way for the company.
We identify the strengths and weaknesses, we listen to the needs of users, as well as those of the IT department and the direction, in  synergy .