Licensing consulting

Find  the right way in the jungle of licenses is easy with a competent guide

To not leave anything to chance, contact Microsys informatica, you can be sure to always have the right things.


Optimize the purchase and the management of licenses and overcome problems with controls audits of vendor.

Why choose the licensing consulting Microsys informatica?

    • Wide knowledge of the types of licenses for the various products of different vendors;
    • Synergy with leading vendors to propose the most viable solutions;
    • Time saving: thanks to the comprehensive management of licenses;
    • Saving money: no license useless and conditions of purchase preference;
    • No risk to fail vendor audit control;
    • Set licenses up to date and optimized;

The purchase and license management is an important item of expenditure within a company.
Licenses for users, devices, by type of industry, different maturities, upgrades, different manufacturers … With updates and new product releases can also change the mode of licensing.
During the  time also changes the corporate IT infrastructure, with new purchases and disposals. Have licenses in order and up to date is essential.