Progettazione Cloud

 The cloud services the company

To find the most suitable solution to the specific needs of the single company


Having an independent support in the selection and management of the various cloud solutions

Why choose Microsys computer ?

Independence from large cloud providers and system integrators Expertise and experience in delivering cloud projects Knowledge of the international market Cloud: if a few years ago it was a technology known only by insiders, today everybody talks about it, commercial managers, marketing expertises, chiefs of production, clerks. The cloud, in fact, concernes not only the IT infrastructure but it can change the way you organize the work of all users. Given the breadth of solutions offered, you can not think of dealing with a single cloud provider.  It makes more sense , however, to choose from time to time and depending on your needs to turn. The winning strategy, to which we agree analysts and CIOs of major companies, is to think of ” bricks ” and build your own customized cloud. Microsys informatica works with the company providing specialist advice required to assess the most suitable solutions. We have the experience and the knowledge to do so, with the spirit that has always characterized our work: put the customer at the center of any decision and the technology to its service.