Business case

Do not settle for a sketch when you can get a picture!

The business case of Microsys informatica: precise, complete, integrated.


Thinking about new investments with a project suitable for the specific company.

Why choose the Business case of Microsys informatica?

  • Strategic vision integrated with the company’s one;
  • Ability to analysis objectively the infrastructure;
  • Specific business case for each project and proper corporate reality;
  • Integration with vendors and other partners of the company;
  • Setting targets smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time related) decided together with the company management;
  • ROI and TCO clearly identifiable and realistic;

Using generic template mold is likely to draw the lines of a situation not suitable perfectly into the company and losing relevant information for decision making.
It is also important to suit the business case in the production context. Every business sector, in fact, has own dynamics that must be to consider, especially in an economic environment like the current one. That’s why a business case, although focused on IT infrastructure, must be placed in a broader perspective that takes into consideration  their production processes and economic flows linked. It is essential to analyze each piece identifying benefits (tangible and intangible), risks, resources needed.
For us of  Microsys informatica, make a business case is a combined part of our work. In fact we propose a project only if it is convenient to do it.
We love that our customers perceive our intervention as an action to achieve their goals. If a project is not suitable or there isn’t an economic validation, we prefer not to take it forward and find alternative solutions together with the customer.