Infrastructure assessment

Organize the present to bring the future


Organize IT infrastructure to optimize it improving effectivess and efficiency

Why choose Microsys informatica?

  • Third part view situation;
  • Updated knowledge of vendors ‘s solutions;
  • Experience in many sectors;
  • Indipendence on the assessment and the proposal made.

The assessment carried out by Microsys informatica allows you to draw a detailed map of the IT infrastructure by identifying points of weakness and strength, then proceeding to strengthen the firsts and consolidate the seconds. The intervention of a consultant of Microsys informatica, thanks to an objective view, can detail the characteristics of the infrastructure and prepare a project to make the necessary changes. With particular attention to new offers from the market and the experience gained with different technologies is able to inform the company about solutions that optimize resources with a strategic vision of medium to a long term. To have strong foundations is essential to avoid infrastructure problems and grow steadily without a hitch.