Comtrade has developed an interesting pack that completes the performances of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager for Citrix XenDesktop.
The solution allows to get the best from Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure managing it optimally. Combined with the Microsoft package tracking, you can balance resources and improve performances.
It provides, in fact, important information about the connections between Citrix XenDesktop and the other elements of the IT infrastructure by improving the level of infrastructure performance, desktops availability and applications, monitoring users’ desktops without installing any software and integrating Citrix XenServer and Citrix XenApp in the analysis.


Identifies the Citrix XenDesktop topology of environment, including DDC and PVS farm;

Monitors the health of the environment:
– identify connectivity problems between DDC, PVS,infrastructures and desktops
– detects started but not registered desktops
– monitors virtual desktop utilization, loads and sudden drops in desktop availability
– identifies the resources the most utilized
– detects internal DDC and PVS issues
– reveals the resources used to a greater extent
– detects any problems in the distribution XenApp, as access lenses or high server load

View the performance of virtual desktops providing complete statistics;

Monitors running tasks providing data on workloads, cache and RAM

A complete solution that optimally monitoring a virtual infrastructure, transforming it from a passive operation, in an high value operation. It allows the IT department to take prompt action to prevent blockages and to improve performance and better manage resources.

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